Leslie Adams Memorial  Jewelry  from Flowers

 Memories of someone special can become a special keepsake.  Let us turn those beautiful blossoms to beads and then turn them into a keepsake for you to cherish forever.We will take dried or fresh flowers and turn them into anything that can be made with beads.  We also can use pet hair or pet cremains to make a keepsake to remember that important member of your family.

          You give us your ideas and we will make your flowers into jewelry, bookmark, rosary, belt buckle or car charm.  You choose the style and size of beads and any other beads or charms you would like to add.  Additional beads such as crystals, silver or salt water pearls can be added to any keepsake.  Send us a message with what you would like made and we will send you a quote and directions on how to send your flowers.

Handcrafted ​Jewelry from you flowers, clothes, pet fur or any other organic material. 

Memorial Jewelry from flowers!!

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Blossoms and Memories

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(Formally of Cerro Gordo)


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