Mail your flowers to:

Blossoms and Memories

3119 N. University Ave.

Decatur, Il 62526

(Formally of Cerro Gordo)


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What can I make out of my flowers?

Anything that can be made with beads can be made with flower beads.   

Can I used crushed flowers?

Yes, you can.  Flowers can be recently dried or years old.  The flowers can be in one piece or crushed.  They are crushed anyway when the beads are made.

Can I send multiple colors of flowers?

Yes, just make sure to put them in seperate bags.  Then let me know if you want the colors mixed together or you want beads to be one color.

Can I send fresh flowers?

Yes, just remove most of the stem and just  put them in an envelope or box and send them to me.  You may want to send them priority so they get to me before they start to mold. DO NOT PUT THEM IN A PLASTIC BAG OR PUT ANY PLASTIC IN THE BOX.

What color will my beads be?

Beads vary depending on the flowers.  A white rose with blue tips will turn mint green if I use both parts of the flower.  If I use only the blue tips the beads will be blue.  Bee Balm, which a deep pink, turns the beads a beautiful pink.  Red roses turn the beads either a deep purple or burgundy.  If you have a specific flower you are asking about drop me an email.

How do I get my flowers to you?

After you email us with your order and we give you a total cost, just send your flowers to me at 3119 N. University Avenue, Decatur, Illinois, 62526​

How will I know my flowers arrived safely?

I will send an email when you flowers arrive and then an email to tell you your jewelry shipped.

How do I know what length bracelet or necklace I need?

The best way is to measure a piece of jewelry you like and send me that measurement or you can measure your wrist or ankle and add 1/2" - 1".

Can you make beads from other things?

Yes, I can make beads from pet hair from a beloved pet also. I can actually use anything organic, grass, dirt, wood, sand, ribbon or pieces of fabric!

 Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the color of my item?

I am sorry but I do not give refunds due to the custom nature of my items. I will do my best to get the item the way you want it so please feel free to call if there is a problem.

How many items can be made from your flowers?

​Each flower will make two bracelets or 5-7 charms.

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