Mail your flowers to:

Blossoms and Memories

3119 N. University Ave.

Decatur, Il 62526

(Formally of Cerro Gordo)


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Directions for Shipping Flowers

When you are sending flowers it is very important if they are fresh not to put them in plastic of any kind. This includes putting them in a plastic lined envelope. Plastic will cause your flowers to mold and turn brown.

If they are fresh put them in a box big enough that air can circulate. Cut off all but about two inches of stem and put them in the box. Do not wrap them in any way.

If they are dry put each color in a separate baggie. Then mail them in a box or envelope.

Make sure your name is inside the package in case there is a problem with the name on the outside.

You can put your order inside the box or email it to me whichever you prefer. 


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